Business Response to the Pandemic and Restrictions

One place where the effects of the Coronavirus and the shutdowns have had significant impact is on businesses who, sometimes at a moments notice, were forced to close down for the safety of all involved.   For more than a few businesses this would be the last time they closed their doors, never to open to costumers again.  But for others as cases got more under control and strict public safety guidelines were lifted, their doors were once again able to to open to the public.  Under a new set of guidelines buienesses were able to get back to what they do best, serving their cusomers.  These are a few of the stories of businesses, their employees, and the local community, as all three work to outlast the pandemic.

"I'm looking for something else because I just see that now i'm unessential"

-Niki Taylor, Small Buisness Owner

Worker's Journal Entry From Beginning of the Pandemic

This journal entry speaks to the fear and uncertainty that came with the Coronavirus when it first began appearing on the worldwide stage  This worker shares her thoughts on the virus and her fears for the future.


One of the mainstays of health and safety guidelines throughout the pandemic, masks remain an important requirement for businesses to reopen.  The items below are a few that speak to the increased awareness of mask wearing and the socilization of mask wearing that continue to play a major role in combatting the spread of COVID-19 and making sure that those buinesses that do reopen can operate safely.

A Picture at Buc-ee's During the Pandemic

Buc-ee's humorous take on a universal truth during a pandemic: masks required.

Chick Fil A Workers in Facemasks

Chick Fil A employees showing off their trademark positive attitudes even under a mask mandate.

How Not to Wear a Mask - Masks on Maryland

A "Mask Up Maryland" sign from the Maryland Department of Health showing the proper way to wear a mask.


In addition to masking buisnesses had to adapt to the new safety guidelines in order to reopen and prioritize patron safety.  This was done through many ways inclduing closing indoor dining and moving to wither carry out only or drive through, moving to contactless order procedures and more.  The items below show some of the ways that businesses adapted during their reopening process.

Chick Fil A Manual Double Drive Thru After Dining Room Closes

Chick Fil A, a restaurant franchise as famous for its personality as its food, finds ways to maintain interaction now that indoor dining is no longer reasonable.

Chick Fil A Worker Carrying Out Contactless Order Procedures

This fast food franchise adapting quickly and developing safe health practices in handling drive-thru orders

Interview with Niki Taylor

This interview is with Niki Taylor a hairdresser and the owner of her own small salon and her experiances having to close down during COVID.


After masking and adapting, buisnesses then turned their focus on surviving the new world that awaited them and their customers.  The items below begin to tell the story of what everyday life is like for businesses and their employees, and how the defenition of "normal" continues to change amongst a world still fighting a global and deadly pandemic.

Corporate Response to Covid Cases On Site

A response by a corporation with sites in Lafayette to news of a positive case at their location

Working as a Waitress with a Mask

A food-industry essential worker voices their frustration at the increased difficulty of strenuous labor under the new restrictions made necessary by the pandemic

Local business is helping healthcare workers in a huge way.

A wristband manufacturer now deemed non-essential taking advantage of their facilities and resources in order to provide much-needed masks to their area

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