Social Activism for Black Lives During COVID-19

The global pandemic of COVID-19 brought many changes to our daily lives in Lafayette. Quarantine has lasted a long time and has been hard for many people. The devastation left behind by the virus has been evident in our community but there are still positives that came from this situation. The quarantine brought to light the injustices being made against the black community for many individuals that were previously unaware. The pandemic has affected not only the public’s physical health but their mental health. Masks are now required to enter businesses and keep those safe around you, especially when protesting for the Black Lives Matter movement. Masks create a barrier for safety and ease the public’s mind when it comes to Covid-19.

Masks by Door

This image displays masks hanging by the main door of the house. Masks have become just as important as car keys. This can be seen during protests for the Black Lives Matter movement. Wearing masks is the new normal and has become essential to protesting. Masks provide security for the mental health of many.

Masks for Sale at a Local Tailor

A picture of masks sold and created by a local tailor in the community. Masks are being mass distributed from stores such as Walmart and Target, but local vendors are selling their homemade masks as a means for financial gain. This relieves stress as money is trickling into their households.

Packaged Masks Ready for Distribution

A table full of home-sewn masks ready for distribution. This set of masks was donated to the YMCA. Donations like these relieve financial stress and provide safety for those in lower socioeconomic situations. It allows people to feel safe as they receive a mask.

Selfie from Fall 2020 UL on-campus Apartments Move-In Day

In this photograph, Kaci Breaux is wearing a mask during the university's move-in day. She states, "The masks are part of our new normal and they are crucial to allow us to move forward and protect lives." 

Covid-19 Testing (2)

This photograph is the exact moment when the nasal swab occurs to test for Covid-19. The testing is quite uncomfortable, which creates stress for people. Results are not the only thing that adds major stress to the community.

Protester Junica Taylor in Trayford Pellerin March

Protester Junica Taylor holds the Black Lives Matter flag while demanding justice for Trayford Pellerin at the intersection of Evangeline Thruway and Willow on Saturday, August 22, 2020, in Lafayette, Louisiana. By wearing masks, these people are adding security for the mental health of those around them. It provides a shield as they protest.

Demonstraters Rally in Lafayette

Demonstrators rally outside a Shell gas station on the Evangeline Thruway Saturday, August 22, 2020, in Lafayette, La. The demonstration follows the shooting death of Trayford Pellerin by Lafayette Police officers Friday night at the gas station. In this photograph, masks are being worn during the protest as they keep the community safe around them while making a stand for social justice.

Lafayette City Council Protest

This is a Lafayette City Council Protest for Black Lives Matter. This photograph makes a clear statement for social justice and the community's safety as masks are worn as a barrier against the spread of Covid-19.

This interview done by Kaci Breaux with Amanda, speaks on the intersection of the pandemic and the march for Black Lives Matter. As the co-chair of the University's socialist committee and a frequent participant of the BLM protests based in Lafayette, she presents a unique take on 2020 as a whole and stands up for the usage of masks.

The podcast above titled "Mental Health Disparities during Covid-19 and the Movement for Black Lives Matter", breaks down the effects of mental health created during this pandemic using interviews from University affiliated citizens. 

2020 has been a time of great change and in order to continue advocating for the improvement of life, we must stand up for equality and safety by wearing masks and contributing to the movement. This not only will improve the physical state of the community, but improve people's mental health. Mask up and safely advocate for racial justice in America.

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