Surviving COVID-19 and Learning About BLM at the Same Time

The Spring of 2020 came with more changes than anyone could have anticipated.  Our entire lives got turned around. The things we would do on a daily basis, like go outside, were no longer available because we were stuck inside.  We had to find new ways to keep ourselves busy and sane. For UL students Brianne Frawley and Seth Lafontant, this meant researching and cooking, respectively. This mini-exhibit is a glimpse into our experiences. 


The origins of the sheriff star

This post was a disscusion thread for origins of the sheriff star in America as a response to BLM

Reaction to the Breonna Taylor Case

A Black celebrity reaction to the Breonna Taylor case and the fight for justice 

Screenshot of BLM Post

A discussion thread on the story of another Black male being mistreated by the Law

Boredom Cake

Due to the stress of Covid-19 and the BLM movement, this cake was born. 

Master Chef Chicken Wings

Air Fryer chicken wings created with the goal of  creating a new recipe to distract from the stress of BLM 

Bundt Cake Madness

Covid 19 boredom and the stress of the BLM along with the fight for racial equity caused the creation of this cake.

To keep herself busy after COVID-19 shut down her place of work, Lisa Rider took up landscaping. This picture is her taking a break and goofing off. 

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