Everyone has a human experience.

Everyone endures them in different ways. 

In conjunction with the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, this is a Shared Histories Project.

Shared Histories is an archival project started by the University of Louisiana at Lafayette to share the stories of Southwest Louisiana.
The Guilbeau Center, within the history department, created this project to promote digital preservation with the interest of the community in mind.

The Movement for Black Lives and the Coronavirus pandemic have become prominent forces in our community. The intersection of the two has provided us a new way of life. We've come to see that the new way of living also gives us a new way to cope.

This exhibit offers a glimpse into the recorded effects and coping mechanisms observed within the Movement for Black Lives and COVID-19.

Every aspect of our community has been impacted by the intersection of these movements.

We discuss business and restaurant responses.

We serve the truth of overcoming boredom.

We include mental health endurances.

We examine family and sanity.

We narrate truths. 

As students in this new socio-political era, these are our stories.